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3 Reasons You Should Learn dbaTools for Working With SQL Server

Have you heard about dbaTools? 

dbaTools is a free, open-source PowerShell module created by the SQL Server Community. With hundreds of SQL Server Administration, Best Practices and Migration Commands, dbaTools makes it possible to use PowerShell to automate just about any SQL Server task from boring daily duties right through to security audits

It’s so good that PowerShell inventor Jeffry Snover even said “If you use SQL, someone on the team should be a dbaTools pro.”

Need more convincing? Here’s three important reasons you should seriously consider dbaTools to become a more efficient, more effective database admin.

1. dbaTools has more functions than official Microsoft tools!

Microsoft has its own closed-source tools for using PowerShell with SQL Server: SqlServer and SQLPS. SQLPS is shipped with PowerShell for backwards compatibility, but is no longer being updated. The SqlServer module is still available but that offers only around 100 commands for the most basic tasks. These commands are also driven by Microsoft’s business priorities, not the needs of SQL Server users to streamline their daily work lives.

In contrast, dbaTools has over 500 commands, covering everything from instance migrations, tempdb configuration, and best practice implementations , right through to tools for improving an instance’s security posture. 

2. You can learn dbaTools in just a month of lunches

dbaTools can be quick and easy to learn, with the right instructional guide! You can buy Learn dbaTools in a Month of Lunches direct from manning.com.

The creators of dbaTools have created something amazing to help you pick up the technology fast. Working with publisher Manning, well-known for their high quality tech books, authors Chrissy LeMaire and Rob Sewell have produced Learn dbaTools in a Month of Lunches, available now in early access.

dbaTools is an excellent resource to use for advancing your skills with advanced administration for SQL servers, regardless of the number of servers you are administering.

Readers have described the book as “an excellent resource to use for advancing your skills with advanced administration for SQL servers, regardless of the number of servers you are administering”. Broken up into different bite-size lessons, the book teaches you the complete ins-and-outs of dbaTools in just a month’s worth of lunch breaks.

You can buy Learn dbaTools in a Month of Lunches direct from manning.com

Learn dbaTools in a month of lunches by Manning Publications

3. The community is growing fast

In just three years, the dbaTools GitHub has grown to over 130 contributors, getting close to catching up with Microsoft’s official PowerShell repository. Thanks to its open source nature, dbaTools opens up the possibilities for you to build and share your own resources with the community. Community members can get creative, building whole wizards rather than just using basic building block tools–and many of them are!

Remember: Mastering dbaTools is the need of the hour for the DBAs. This book has all the modules which will master dbaTools.

Chetna Bhalla

Chetna Bhalla


Chetna Bhalla, the founder of MyTechMantra.com, believes that by sharing knowledge and building communities, we can make this world a better place to live in. Chetna is a Graduate in Social Sciences and a Masters in Human Resources and International Business. She is an alumnus of Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad, India. After graduation, Chetna founded this website, which has since then become quite a favorite in the tech world. Her vision is to make this website the favorite place for seeking information on Databases and other Information Technology areas. She believes that companies which can organize and deploy their data to frame strategies are going to have a competitive edge over others. Her interest areas include Microsoft SQL Server and overall Database Management. Apart from her work, Chetna enjoys spending time with her friends, painting, gardening, playing the violin, and spending time with her son.

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