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TRANSACTIONAL LOG Backups in SQL Server Step by Step Tutorial with Examples

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Transactional log backup is only possible when your database is in FULL or BULK-LOGGED recovery model. With the help of Transactional Log backup one can achieve Point in Time recovery for the database in case of any disaster It is highly recommended to perform transactional log backups at regular intervals to minimize the loss of work and to truncate the transactional log.

Create a TRANSACTIONAL LOG Backups Using TSQL commands

TO DISK = 'C:\DBBackups\MyTechMantra.TRN'

/* Verify the Database Backup File Once the Backup has completed successfully */

FROM DISK = 'C:\DBBackups\MyTechMantra.TRN'

Create a TRANSACTIONAL LOG Backup Using SQL Server Management Studio

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the appropriate SQL Server Database Instance, in Object Explorer, click the SERVER NAME to expand the server tree.

  • Expand Databases node and then right click the database which you want to take a transactional log backup.
  • Select Tasks, and then click Back Up… option as shown to open up Back Up Database dialog box.
  • Select Backup Type as Transactional Log and Select Destination as Disk

  • Click on Add button to add a backup file and specify the backup file name and click OK to save the changes
  • Finally to take Transactional Log backup click OK

Create a TRANSACTIONAL LOG Backups Using TSQL commands in SQL Server

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Last Updated On: Feb 12, 2014

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