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Idera SQL Elements Review: A SQL Server Inventory Management Solution

Idera SQL Elements is a Comprehensive SQL Server Inventory Management Solution. Discovering, tracking and managing all SQL Servers in your environment can be made easy, timely and efficient with the help of SQL Elements. This tool also helps you auto discover SQL Servers in your environment, monitor all the discovered instances, performs Health Checks and provides recommendations. Examples of such recommendations are Identify why SQL Server is very slow?, Identify which Databases is most activity (transactions/sec)?, Volumes which are at the risk of filling up, TempDB configuration issues, Databases which are not backed up, Databases have not been checked for DBCC CHECKDB in the recent times, optimization for ad-hoc workloads etc.

The difficulties that an Administrator or an IT Team might face while tracking the large number of servers in an organization get simplified through Idera SQL Elements. For instance, one could be working on a large environment and would need some help on classification of instances based on Versions, Service Packs etc. SQL Elements is a perfect answer for this.

Furthermore, for someone new to the environment, Idera SQL Elements can be a massive help in knowing the basics about the environment. There are times when one needs a start and SQL Elements helps get that perfect start to manage in a new or an existing complex environment. "A must have tool for every DBA especially if you are a person who likes to take control of your environment".

Product Review of Melissa Data’s Data Quality Components for SSIS

Melissa Data’s Data Quality Component for SSIS is an excellent suite of custom Data Transformation components for Microsoft’s SQL Server SSIS that encapsulates the six levels of complete Data Quality.

An organization can leverage Melissa Data’s Contact Verify SSIS Component to Standardize, Verify, Correct and Normalize U.S and Canadian addresses.

The usage of this Melissa Data’s Data Quality Components can help organizations save millions of dollars in a year by storing accurate customer information in their databases. Accuracy in fields like name, full address, phone, email, geocodes etc. can help organizations reach their customer on time and successfully close a business deal. Melissa Data’s Data Quality Components can be effectively used by any organization who believes in “Customer is the King”.

Product Review of Devart dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server

Devart dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a Schema Comparison tool which can be used by Database Developers and Database Administrators in their day-to-day work. Using this tool a developer or a database administrator can compare schema between two different databases and synchronize the changes effortlessly. The best thing is using this tool you can quickly compare a live database with a SQL Server Database Backup (up to 50GB size)

Idera SQL Check is a Free Performance Monitoring tool for SQL Server

Idera SQL Check is a fantastic performance monitoring tool which can be used for monitoring and diagnosing Performance Issues on a single SQL Server Instance. The best thing is that Idera’s SQL Check is a free SQL Server Performance Monitoring Dashboard tool but it has a limitation of monitoring only one server.

This tool has some amazing graphs which reflect the current state of your SQL Server Instance.

  • Waits Graph (Network, Writes, Reads, Locks and CPU)
  • Seek Time Graph which gives you an overview of Reads and Writes
  • Physical Read/Write Graph which will give you an overview of Physical Reads and Physical Writes
  • Cache hits graph which will give you an overview of Cache Hits
  • Legend Graph which gives you a complete overview of Locked Processes

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