Tips to Avoid Account Lockout Issues

May 08, 2012


In this article we will take a look at some of the tips which can help you Avoid Account Lockout Issues.

Quick Tips to Avoid Account Lockout Issues on Windows

  • Avoid saving your domain credentials on any application on your system.
  • Avoid using your domain credentials to run any scheduled tasks or SQL Server Job.
  • As a best practice execute all SQL Server Agent Job under SA account to avoid job failure due to account lockout issue due to password mismatching.
  • Avoid using “Remember My Credentials” options offered by Browsers and websites.
  • Avoid using your domain credentials in any application or on a browser that authenticate users through proxy.
  • Avoid using your domain credentials to start or stop any windows services for any application or software.
  • Avoid logging onto multiple desktops rather stick to a single system wherever possible.
  • Avoid leaving your remote sessions open in any server or desktops, log off from the servers or desktops immediately after completing your work.
  • Domain account will get locked when a user repeatedly tries entering wrong password.

Important Note

  • Above mentioned are some of the scenarios when your account will get locked when you change your passwords. This is because the stored credentials will try to authenticate user with the old password and after “n” tries as set by your organization your domain account will get locked. In case if you see your domain account getting locked frequently after changing your password take a look at some of the above mentioned scenarios to get to the root cause.

How to Identify Domain Account Lockout Threshold in your organization

1. Click Start -> Run -> GPEDIT.MSC to open Local Group Policy Editor

2. In the left side pane expand Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Account Lockout Policy and in the right side pane you will see the value for Account Lockout Threshold. In the below snippet you could see that the Account Lockout Threshold configured is 3 invalid logon attempts.

3. To know more about Password Policy expand Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Password Policy in the left side pane as shown in the below snippet.

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In this article you have seen some of the best practices which you can follow to avoid Account Lockout Issue for your Domain Account.

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