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Reset SSMS Keyboard Shortcuts in SQL Server 2012

August 27, 2014


SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) keyboard shortcuts may stop working once you have installed SQL Server 2014 on the server which had an instance of SQL Server 2012 installed already. This tip will guide you how to Reset SSMS Keyboard Shortcuts in SQL Server 2012 Instance.

Follow the steps mentioned below to reset your Keyboard shortcuts in SQL Server 2012.

1. Open SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (SSMS)

2. In SSMS, select Tools and click Options… as shown in the snippet below.

How to reset SSMS Keyboard Shortcut

3. In Options window expand Keyboard and click Keyboard as shown in the snippet below.

SQL Server Management Studio Reset Keyboard Options

4. On the right pane select (Default) as the option from the drop down and click Reset button.

SSMS Keyboard mappings will be reset to default values

5. Close and Re-open SQL Server Mangement Studio to verify SSMS keyboard shortcuts.

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