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Improved Startup Parameters in SQL Server 2012


Microsoft has improved the configuration of startup parameters in SQL Server 2012 much simpler and easier. In this article we will take a look at the steps to add a Trace Flag 1222 to identify deadlocks in SQL Server 2012 as a Startup Parameter.

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How to Add Startup Parameters in SQL Server 2012

Open SQL Server Configuration Manager and click SQL Server Services on the left side panel. Right click SQL Server Service and choose Properties from the drop down menu.

SQL Server Configuration Manager

In the SQL Server Properties on the Startup Parameters tab specify a startup parameter as -T1222 and click the Add button to add the parameter to Existing Parameters. Finally to save the settings click OK.

Start up Parameters in SQL Server 2012

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Important Note:

Since SQL Server Configuration Manager writes startup parameters to the registry the changes will only come into effect once you restart SQL Server Database Engine Service.

On a Cluster, the changes must be performed on the active server when the SQL Server is Online and to being the new startup parameter into effect Take the SQL Server Service Offline and then bring it back Online. However, the registry update of the startup option on the secondary node will come into effect once you failover.

How to remove Startup Parameters in SQL Server 2012

If you wish to remove a startup parameter which was added previously then choose the parameter as highlighted in the below snippet and then click the Remove button as highlighted in the below snippet and click OK.

Remove an Existing Startup Parameter in SQL Server 2012

However, don’t forget to restart the SQL Server Database Engine Service to bring this change into effect.


This article gives you an overview of improvements in the configuration of Startup Parameters in SQL Server 2012 . We would recommend you to try these optoions and don't forget to “Share this Article” with your colleagues and friends.

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