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Microsoft SQL Server Articles, Tutorials, News, Tips & Tricks

How to Limit SQL Server Error Log File Size in SQL Server 2012

This article explains how to limit the size of SQL Server Error Log file in SQL Server 2012 and later versions.

How to Kill Negative SPID in SQL Server

There can be a rare scenario when database restore or a query is being blocked by negative SPIDs when trying to find the lead blocker by running SP_WHO2 or using Dynamic Management Views. Negative SPIDs in SQL Server cannot be killed using KILL Command. In this article explains how to kill Negative SPIDs in SQL Server and what they mean in SQL Server.

How to find when last time DBCC CHECKDB command ran successfully for all databases in SQL Server

Using DBCC CHECKDB Command one can check the logical & physical integrity of all the objects within the specified database. This article explains How to check when last time DBCC CHECKDB command was successfully run against the user database in SQL Server.

TSQL script to Convert Seconds to Minutes, Seconds to Hours and Seconds to Days in SQL Server

The TSQL script mentioned in this article can be used to Convert Seconds to Minutes, Hours and Days in SQL Server.

How to Reset SSMS Keyboard Shortcuts in SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) keyboard shortcuts may stop working once you have installed SQL Server 2014 on the server which had an instance of SQL Server 2012 installed already. This tip will guide you how to Reset SSMS Keyboard Shortcuts in SQL Server 2012 Instance.

TSQL script to find all tables involved in SQL Server Replication

As DBA there might be scenarios where you might find the need to identify to which SQL Server Publications a specific table belong too. It can be because the subscribers have informed that they are missing newer records, or there may be a need to rename the table and you want to make sure it is not part of replication.

TSQL script to Find Last Successful SQL Server Agent Job Run Status, Data and Time

Sometime it can be very difficult for one to find out the sequence of SQL Server Agent Job execution when there are multiple jobs running on the same server.

TSQL script to Find First Day and Last Day of Month in SQL Server

There can be a scenario where you need to load data in batch into warehouse for the current month. During such scenarios identifying the first and last day of the month becomes necessary. This article includes the TSQL script specific to find first and last date of a month in SQL Server 2008 and higher versions.

How to find if a SQL Server Database Uses Any of the Enterprise Edition Features?

One of the most common tasks performed by the DBA is to moving user databases across different editions of SQL Server especially during Disaster Recovery Situations. There are some Enterprise Edition only features which are not available on other editions of SQL Server. Hence it’s better to know which features are supported before one goes ahead and restore the database on new a server.

How to Move TempDB to New Drive in SQL Server

This article explains the steps you must follow to move TempDB database from one drive to another in SQL Server.

How to configure Startup Parameters in SQL Server 2012

Microsoft has improved the configuration of startup parameters in SQL Server 2012 much simpler and easier. In this article we will take a look at the steps to add a Trace Flag 1222 to identify deadlocks in SQL Server 2012 as a Startup Parameter.

SQL Server 2012 New Date and Time Functions

SQL Server 2012 has introduced new Date and Time functions in SQL Server 2012. This article explains each of them with along with an example.

How to Configure and Use Contained Databases in SQL Server 2012

Contained Databases is a new feature which is available in SQL Server 2012. A contained database is a database that will store all its metadata within the database thereby not storing any configuration information within the master database of the SQL Server Instance where the Contained Database is created. A contained database is isolated from other databases which are available on the instance of SQL Server.

How to Configure Database Backup Encryption in SQL Server 2014

Microsoft has introduced Database Backup Encryption feature in SQL Server 2014 (CTP2). Starting SQL Server 2014, SQL Server will have the ability to encrypt the data while the backup is in progress. One can encrypt the database backup by specifying Encryption Algorithm and an Encryptor (Certificate or Asymmetric Key) while creating database backups. This article is a step by step guide to implement database backup encryption feature in SQL Server 2014.

How to Verify and Register SPN for SQL Server Authentication with Kerberos Connections

This article explains how to verify and register Service Principal Names (SPN) for SQL Server Authentication with Kerberos Connections. Kerberos authentication is a widely accepted network authentication Protocol. It is used to provide a highly secure method to authenticate windows users.

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